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Warranty FAQs

This warranty covers the glass-lined tank and component parts for leakage or other malfunction caused by defects in materials and/or workmanship. It extends to the first buyer and to any subsequent owner(s) as long as the water heater remains installed at its original place of installation in the USA.

In the above "Warranty Check" box, enter your water heater's serial number. The water heater information will include the warranty length and expiration date.

In the above "Warranty Check" box, enter your water heater's serial number. The water heater information will include the manufacture date of your water heater.
Your model number and serial number are located on the rating plate on your water heater. The rating plate example below shows the model number in blue and the serial number in yellow.
Warranty Rating Plate Combine
Bradford White feels very strongly that water heaters should be installed and serviced by qualified licensed professionals only. Contact your installer or find a contractor.
Warranty claims would be submitted through the service professional repairing or replacing your water heater. That contractor would want to follow this process :
  1. Diagnose and repair the water heater using Bradford White approved parts.
  2. Submit a warranty claim through their local Bradford White distributor.
  3. Bradford White works directly with the contractors distributor for all part and water heater claims.
Bradford White’s policy is to sell its products and components only through wholesale distribution. Therefore, warranty parts are only available through a professional service provider who works on/with Bradford White water heaters.
The BUILTBEST® Extended Warranty Upgrade includes options for homeowners to lengthen their Bradford White water heater’s initial residential warranty for two or four additional years on the component parts and glass-lined tank.
Click to learn more - U.S. Homeowners. Canadian Homeowners.
To see if your Bradford White water heater qualifies for the BUILTBEST® Extended Warranty, enter your water heater’s serial number in the above “Warranty Check” box. If you do qualify to purchase a BUILTBEST® Extended Warranty for your water heater, contact your professional installer and have your model number readily available.
To purchase a BUILTBEST® Extended Limited Warranty for your Bradford White water heater, contact your professional installer and have your model number readily available.

Serial Number Date Code Reference

The first two characters of the serial number represent the year and month of manufacture. The remainder of the serial is a sequential production number, seven digits in length before December 2007 (DM), and eight digits in length after.

For example:

Serial Number Breakdown Type Five

Production Year

A = 2004 or 2024
B = 2005 or 2025
C = 2006 or 2026
D = 2007 or 2027
E = 2008 or 2028
F = 2009 or 2029
G = 2010 or 2030
H = 2011 or 2031
J = 2012 or 2032
K = 2013 or 2033

L = 2014 or 2034
M = 2015 or 2035
N = 2016 or 2036
P = 2017 or 2037
S = 2018 or 2038
T = 2019 or 2039
W = 2020 or 2040
X = 2021 or 2041
Y = 2022 or 2042
Z = 2023 or 2043

Production Month



For the year column, we do not use the letters: I, O, Q, R U, V

For the month column we do not use the letters: I & N – Z

Review the Warranty Check List :

  • Obtain and confirm model and serial number.
  • Confirm water heater is covered under warranty.
  • Distributor must fill out warranty allowance (WAF). Must have address, model and serial numbers or part number(s) if applicable. No Return Material for Authorization (RMA) number or customer reference number required (if west of the Mississippi River or past first year of installation unless requested by Bradford White).
  • Warranty Allowance Form
  • Make a photo copy for your records.

Please note: Bradford White offers its products exclusively through authorized Bradford White representatives and wholesale distributors for sale to qualified installers. Other parties and websites are not authorized to sell Bradford White products, and Bradford White does not endorse, recommend, or make any representations or warranties regarding any products manufactured by third parties or sold by unauthorized parties or websites, or any content, materials, or other information located or accessible from any other website.

Warranty Disclaimer: This information is presented as assistance to determine the date of manufacture and duration of the Limited Warranty only when the product used, installed and maintained in accordance with the Installation/Operation Instructions and as per the terms and conditions of Limited Warranty packaged with the product. Warranty duration for residential product is based upon the entered serial number being installed and used in a single family dwelling application. Usage of residential product in other applications will shorten the duration of the warranty. Final determination of warranty status will be made by Bradford White Warranty Department. Our Warranty Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at for further information.